Age restrictions

The festival is forbidden to children aged of less than 16 years old.

Checking will be done!

What can I bring?

The festival welcomes more than 25 000 persons during the all night in the Parc des Expos. For the safety of all, a short list of objects is allowed in the area.

Please take a look below.

Authorized objects

  • Simple disposable or pocket cameras.
  • Sandwiches.
  • Blankets
  • Little bags, purses or backpacks.

What can’t I bring?

The festival welcomes more than 25 000 persons during the all night in the Parc des Expos. For the safety of all, some objects aren’t allowed in the area and if you bring one of them, it will be taken or you will have to leave it at the cloak room.

Please take a look below:

Not allowed objects

  • Glass and plastic bottles, cans, paper and plastic cups.
  • Weapons, explosive, inflammable and volatile substances.
  • Alcohol
  • Go Pro, Selfie stick
  • Pyrotechnic stuff, candles.
  • Sharp objects, pocket or other knives.
  • Any object that might be used as a projectile.
  • Professional audiovisual recording equipment (professional camera, video camera, DAT or MD recorder).
  • Folding chairs, large backpacks, plates and flasks.
  • Flagpoles, parasols, umbrellas.
  • Bicycle pumps and bicycle repair equipment, crash helmet.
  • Any drugs or substances forbidden by the law.


Coming soon...


Because your safety is a priority, security arrangements and teams will be huge so that you can enjoy the event in peace. As we are sure you will understand, we can't share all the details of our security arrangements with you, as some must remain confidential.

However here are a few guidelines to be followed:

We count on your cooperation

  • Systematic and obligatory searches will be carried out at the entrance of the Parc des Expos. Pat-down inspections and bag controls will be carried out in the queueing area.
  • Anyone refusing to abide by these instructions will be refused entrance to the festival premises, and no ticket refund will be given.
  • Do not hesitate to alert security agents about anything suspicious, be it person, behaviour or item.

Plan your event!

  • As security arrangements to access the festival ground may generate some delays, we advise you to arrive on site a bit earlier than your original plans.
  • We also recommend that you buy your tickets in advance, in order to prevent large gatherings of people at the venue entrance.

Come light

  • Please try not to bring big bags or suitcases to the event as it could considerably slow down the security control process.
  • Any objects that may be considered as dangerous will be confiscated by security agents at the entrance.